The Rise of the Semantic Layer

Cloud giants like Google and Snowflake, unicorns like dbt Labs, and a host of venture-backed startups are now talking about a critical new layer in the data and analytics stack. Some call it a “metrics layer,” or a “metrics hub” or “headless BI,” but most call it a “semantic layer.” I prefer to call it a “semantic layer” because it best describes a business-friendly interface […]

A Data Recovery Secret That’s (Really) Ransomware-Proof

Cyber resilience is a top concern for businesses in every industry. A key reason for this is that businesses of all sizes continue to face an ever-increasing array of cyber threats including ransomware, malware, and spear phishing.  Ransomware is a particularly pernicious problem and a huge threat to organizations worldwide. According to Cybercrime Magazine, the collective […]

12 Benefits of Data Sharing via APIs

Data sharing is a hot topic. Multiple analysts and consultancies have been featuring data sharing as one of the key enablers to successful business partnerships and accelerated growth. Both Gartner and McKinsey have good articles; indeed, Gartner boldly claims that “data and analytics leaders who share data externally generate three times more measurable economic benefit than those who do […]

The Evolution of Data Virtualization: From Data Integration to Data Management

Data virtualization was first introduced two decades ago. Since then, the technology has evolved considerably, and the data virtualization of yesterday bears little resemblance to the data virtualization of today. This is due to several facts beginning with the limitations of legacy infrastructure, the massive amounts of structured and unstructured data that organizations were collecting, […]

Most U.S. Companies Still Not Prepared for GDPR or CCPA Compliance

Even though the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) went into effect four years ago and a hundred other countries have adopted stringent data privacy laws, the U.S. is lagging behind without a federal data privacy rights regulation. California has taken the lead at the state level, the first to adopt the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) in 2018, with Virginia […]

Governors of Data: A Song About Data Governance

Editor’s Note: Data professional Tiankai Feng writes and performs songs about everything from lockdown to virtual meetings to analytics. We here at DATAVERSITY can’t stop humming “Governors of Data,” his catchy and clever ode to Data Governance – and we think you’ll enjoy it too. I started my role in Data Governance in January and realized quickly […]

11 Enterprise AI Trends to Know

AI adoption continues to expand across the globe, with Gartner predicting that organizations over the next five years will “adopt cutting-edge techniques for smarter, reliable, responsible and environmentally sustainable artificial intelligence applications.” And as the industry matures and machine learning (ML) models become cheaper, faster, and more accessible, every enterprise will be looking at how and where the technology may […]

What Can Artificial Intelligence Do for Me? (Part 2)

In my previous blog post, I described some concrete techniques and surveyed some early approaches to artificial intelligence (AI) and found that they still offer attractive opportunities for improving the user experience. In this post, we’ll look at some more mathematical and algorithmic approaches to creating usable business intelligence from big piles of data.  Regression Analysis Regression […]

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